NSFW Comics

Special Request

[Vagrant/Terminus Universe]

Style: Monochromatic, sketchy
Pages: 28

Azur, the demonoid leader of the Dead Eyes M.C., approaches Flaym’s workplace for a special tattoo. The session with Flaym leaves him wanting more.

A non-canon first meeting between the two demonoid characters.

TAGS: Gay, trans man x cis man, blowjobs, vaginal, risky workplace sex, size difference, helpless attraction to bad guys, rough sex, cum inside.

Birthday Traditions

[Crossover: Frantic Live Universe x The Perfect Boyfriend Series]
Style: Black and white
Pages: 4
It’s Finn’s birthday, and as he and his friends get wasted, a cheeky comment encourages Matthieu to give Finn a birthday spanking. Then when Finn gets back to his boyfriend’s place, Mitch decides to take advantage of what Matthieu started. This comic illustrates a short fingering and fucking scene from the fic.

TAGS: Gay, cis man x cis man, anal fingering, spanked butt, anal sex, bareback, through the fly, half-dressed